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Advice, News, and Stories from the Pros

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Mar 05

Protein POW Recipe: Almond & Cinnamon Protein Shake

Say goodbye to the same old shake! Protein POW's Almond & Cinnamon Protein Shake will rock your world. Read More »

Feb 03

Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread

A fast, easy, protein-filled Banana Bread recipe from the one and only Chef Bob. Read More »

Dec 22

Have Your Cake for Breakfast

Have your cake for breakfast! COR-Fetti Cake Batter Pancakes are sinfully good. Get the recipe from Chef Bob. Read More »

Oct 29

Put Some 'POW' in Your Protein Bars

Dark, rich, decadent and intense! If you like dark chocolate, these bars will make you break into a kind of X-rated nommage. Read More »

Oct 28

Protein Never Tasted This Good

Chef Bob's PB Marshmallow Sweet Potato Brownies are packed with protein and mouth watering flavor. This recipe is a must-try! Read More »